Beginner Spanish Course (2)

8-Week Live Spanish Course for Beginners (A1 Level)

Are you an absolute Spanish beginner? ⁣⁣

Do you want to learn Spanish but the idea of an online, self-guided course feels a bit daunting? 

Have you started various self-paced courses but felt discouraged going at it alone and lost motivation a few weeks in?

Are you looking to start your Spanish journey but wanting live guidance and encouragement from an experienced teacher?

My 8-week Spanish Course for Beginners is the perfect cocktail of live group instruction, 1:1 conversation practice sessions, weekly workbook exercises, supplemental online materials and a guide to my favorite podcasts.


"Dominique provides an environment where you feel comfortable learning and speaking Spanish"

Our weekly classes are one of the highlights of my week. Not only is she a great teacher, but she provides an environment where you feel comfortable learning and speaking Spanish. She is encouraging and insightful, and makes learning Spanish fun. I am so grateful that I found Dominique as my Spanish teacher! 

~ Kelli, Sacramento, California

Why should I take this course?

⇒ With my support, encouragement and guidance you will learn useful verbs, expressions and vocabulary⁣⁣ as well as be able to say simple Spanish sentences⁣⁣

⇒ Don’t worry about overcommitting yourself as this course runs for two short months and requires a few hours of dedication to your Spanish per week

⇒ Stay motivated by working through this course with others and a live teacher

⇒ Take the guessing out of “where to start?” as new concepts are given to you in small, bite-sized chunks

⇒ Improve your conversation skills with four 30-minute 1:1 conversation sessions with me

⇒ You have to miss a class? No problem! All live sessions are recorded so don’t worry if you have to miss one. You can catch up when you have time and not fall behind

⇒ Keep yourself on track and paced with weekly assignments from the workbooks

⇒ Reinforce concepts from class with access to supplemental online activities and videos that’s suitable for all learning styles

⇒ Focus on relevant concepts and topics that will bring you closer to fluency

What does the course include?

⇒ 1-hour weekly live session with me where we review new grammar concepts. Classes will be on Tuesdays @ 4:30 pm (PST) / 6:30 pm (CST) / 7:30 (EST) starting on May 4, 2021 for 8 weeks.

⇒ Four 30-minute 1:1 conversation sessions with me (during the 8 weeks) to be booked at a time that suits you 

⇒ Weekly homework assignments from two workbooks: Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish Workbook and Practice Make Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses Workbook (books purchased separately)

⇒ Supplemental online activities and videos to support concepts you are learning during the course

⇒ Review of the following concepts: regular present tense conjugations, most common Spanish verbs, the verb “gustar," ser vs estar, idiomatic expressions with tener, vocabulary -  family, food and drink, greetings, clothing, weather and more!

Learning a new language can be intimidating for anyone but Dominique finds a way to make it approachable and fun.

My husband and I have been taking virtual classes for the last six months and feel that we have made significant progress with learning Spanish. We look forward to continuing our Spanish learning journey with her and we are so happy we found her as a Spanish teacher!

~ Annabelle, Sacramento, CA


How much does it cost?

The investment for this course is $350 USD.

In order to keep the group size small and intimate, I only have 10 spots available per session.


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Hola, soy Dominique

I became fluent in Spanish in the my 20s and I'm on a crusade to help others believe that language proficiency in later life is possible.

10 years ago, I took the big leap to start learning Spanish as an adult when I moved to Spain. I, like many of you, was a monolingual, English-speaking adult with little-to-no previous exposure to other languages. I remember feeling a little out my league next to my European classmates at my language school in Barcelona. I felt like they had a real leg-up as, for many of them, Spanish was their 3rd or 4th language. But I was determined to learn. And so, I rolled my sleeves up, put my head down and got to work.

Trust me when I say that I UNDERSTAND what it’s like to learn this material from the ground up. That’s because I, too, spent hours upon hours wrapping my head around the same concepts you will be seeing in this course. I'm excited to start this journey with you!