Climate Change Spanish Book Club

Are you bored with talking about the same old topics (i.e. food, travel, family blah blah blah)?

Are you eager to discuss a topic in Spanish with some real meaning in today’s world?

Enrich your Spanish this month by joining my April 2021 Spanish book club on climate change!

Over 5 weeks, we will cover the topics in Climate Change in Simple Spanish by Olly Richards. 


During these 5 weeks you will...

⇒ build real world Spanish vocabulary with over 400 new words and expressions

⇒ speak comfortably about relevant topics surrounding climate change

⇒ have face-to-face time with a Spanish instructor for support

⇒ join in on live-weekly group session where you can meet others on their Spanish journey

⇒ feel confident and prepared with your ideas with predetermined conversation questions

⇒ enjoy the flexibility to join any time during the month of April and to skip weeks without falling behind

⇒ finally finish a book in Spanish by sticking to a weekly reading pacing guide

This book club is the right fit for you if…

you have a B1-low intermediate level or higher (all conversation during our live sessions will be in Spanish)

This course is probably not the right fit for you…

if you just started learning Spanish or consider yourself at a beginner level

What is the structure of the live sessions?

We will meet on Zoom for 1-hour live conversation sessions on the five Fridays in April @ 12:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time). You will receive a short workbook with the weekly reading schedule and some conversation questions based on the topic for that week. Depending on the size of the group, you may be divided into sub-groups to give everyone more of a chance to talk. In that case, I would jump around between break-out rooms.

Ready to join? Simply click on the link below to make a payment of $25 to receive your workbook and get ahead on the reading!


I’m just seeing this now and it’s half-way through April, can I still join?

Absolutely! The weekly topics are separate from each other so you can join any time during the month of April. 

What if I miss a week or if there is a topic that doesn’t really interest me?

The weekly topics stand separately from one another, as do the conversations between characters in the book, so you can skip any week and not fall behind. 

Do I have to speak during the live sessions?

Of course not! As a teacher it is in my nature to include everyone in the conversation and encourage participants to give their opinions. But you are more that welcome to sit back and enjoy the discussion, just let me know ahead of time!

Are you ready to start reading? Simply click on the link below to make a payment of $25 to receive your workbook and get ahead on the reading!

Hola, soy Dominique
Through my experiences learning Spanish in Spain and Mexico, I realized that fluency is acquired through authentic, meaningful experiences and most importantly, a deep personal drive to truly learn the language. 
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