The Spanish Learner's Bookshelf

75+ Book Recommendations for
Intermediate Adult Spanish Learners

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Read books in Spanish that will skyrocket your practical language skills

"When I start reading a book in Spanish, I just spend half the time looking up words."

This is a common roadblock I hear from intermediate students like you.

You’ve grown bored of "leveled readers" written for Spanish learners and are ready to dive into novels and nonfiction written for native Spanish speakers.

You pick up a piece of "recommended literature" (i.e. Cien Años de Soledad) and suddenly feel like you've learned absolutely nothing in your Spanish courses.

You don't recognize the grammar, flow, or many of the words.

I'm here to tell you: it's not your fault.

With all due respect to the reading recommendations you got from a free blog post (and maybe even your teacher!) ... you've been given bad suggestions.

That’s why I created this virtual bookshelf -- to show you where to start and how to make reading in Spanish as an adult an ENJOYABLE experience.

Reading: A (Giant) Step Towards Fluency

Instead of struggling your way through old-fashioned literature, pick a book off this virtual bookshelf and…

  • Learn common vocabulary that’s actually used by Spanish speakers
  • Spend time reading stories you ENJOY and that keep you engaged
  • Pick from a vast array of genres - from mystery and romance to self-help and parenting
  • Enjoy everything from short 100-page books to legendary 500+ page novels - at your reading level
  • Move past learning plateaus and develop your Spanish language skills

How to know if my Spanish Learner’s Bookshelf is right for you…

You’ve grown bored with leveled readers (i.e. short stories for beginners)

You want to sound like a native speaker and use slang from this century

You're done wasting time and money on books you can’t bring yourself to read

You want to immerse yourself in the language and speed up your learning

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Created by an adult Spanish learner turned teacher, this virtual bookshelf is your chance to skip the hassle of searching for books that are interesting, enjoyable, and help you develop your Spanish language skills.


It’s hard for an intermediate student to know what is appropriate reading. I was already reading Harry Potter, but now I now what books are next. I love the synopsis because I can tell right away which books will interest me. I had not thought to read self-help books for their straightforward language, so this part opened my mind to new options. ¡Vale la pena!

Leah Lion
Washington, DC

Hola, I’m Dominique

I help adults learn Spanish and see the world through a whole new lens.

Like you, I learned the language as an adult. And by doing so, I transformed not only my life but my identity.

Learning Spanish is hard, I'll be honest.

But it's also unimaginably rewarding. So, from one language learner to another—I want to share this experience with you.

I created this resource so you can start learning with intentional and encouraging tips that will make your path SO MUCH easier!

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These books are intended to help any intermediate to advanced learner progress to reading novels in Latin American Spanish.