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8 Session 1:1 Grammar Tracks

For students with an intermediate to advanced level who would like to work one-on-one to develop their skills around the most difficult Spanish grammar topics

If you are a beginner, click here!

TRACK 1: Perfecting Spanish Pronouns

"Lo/la/le/se"... but what do they all mean? After 8-weeks with me, these pronouns will feel like second nature. The various types of pronouns we may focus on during our 8 weeks together may include but not be limited to direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, double object pronouns, relative pronouns, possessive pronouns, indefinite pronouns and demonstrative pronouns.

* Note: You should have a solid understanding of the different types of pronouns as this program is designed to focus on usage. 

TRACK 2: Identifying the Spanish Past Tenses

"Viajé vs viajaba vs he viajado vs había viajado" - if you're confused about when to use these different past tenses and why, then this is the program for you. The various types of past tenses we may focus on during our 8 weeks together may include but not be limited to, the preterit, imperfect, present perfect, past perfect and present perfect progressive.

*Note: You should already have a solid understanding of the conjugations of both the preterit and imperfect tenses to do this program as we will focus on usage.

TRACK 3: Conquering the Spanish Subjunctive

¿Hable or habla? ¿Comas or comes? ¿Viviera or vivió? If you've dabbled in the Spanish subjunctive before then you know it's one of the most difficult grammar topics in Spanish. For those who have never learned the subjunctive, we will spend our 8 weeks reviewing the present subjunctive. If you've had previous experience with the subjunctive, then we will do a quick review of the basics and move on to the past/imperfect subjunctive.

*Note: You do not need any prior experience with the subjunctive to do this program.


Each track includes eight (8) 60-minute 1:1 Online Sessions with me to be booked at a time that is convenient for you. I recommend that you do the program in 8 consecutive weeks to see the most improvement.


For our live, 1:1 sessions, I will provide the practice materials. For extra practice outside of class, we will do our best to utilize workbooks and materials you already have. However, I may recommend that you purchase a new workbook.


$597 USD

[or two payments of $298.50]



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Hola, soy Dominique

I became fluent in Spanish in the my 20s and I'm on a crusade to help others believe that language proficiency in later life is possible.

10 years ago, I took the big leap to start learning Spanish as an adult when I moved to Spain. I, like many of you, was a monolingual, English-speaking adult with little-to-no previous exposure to other languages. I remember feeling a little out my league next to my European classmates at my language school in Barcelona. I felt like they had a real leg-up as, for many of them, Spanish was their 3rd or 4th language. But I was determined to learn. And so, I rolled my sleeves up, put my head down and got to work.

Trust me when I say that I UNDERSTAND what it’s like to learn this material from the ground up. That’s because I, too, spent hours upon hours wrapping my head around the same concepts you will be seeing in this course. I'm excited to start this journey with you!